Solid Surface Acrylics, Inc.
Standard Sizes - Molded Table Tops and Sheet Products

Molded Table Top Shapes and Sizes

Below are our standard molded shapes and sizes. Go to Colors or Edge Profiles to see those items, or to the Custom page for matching colors and custom designs. Our sheet products are further below on this page.


Standard Sheet Products

Below are our standard sheet sizes. Go to Colors page to see our standard colors, or to the Custom page for matching colors and custom designs.

Note: Standard thickness is ½ inch. Sheets are also available in 3/8”, 5/8”and ¾”.


Molded solid surface table tops are economical, provide long term durability and maintain an attractive appearance with heavy wear.

Our table tops and sheet products are formulated with tough, nonporous, and stain resistant materials, as well as UV protectants that make them easy to clean, sanitary and resistant to fading in intense sunlight.

Molded means single piece construction with no seams to collect dirt and nothing to delaminate. The consistent material through their thickness enables refinishing to prolong their attractive appearance even longer. They also handle multiple freeze thaw cycles in outdoor patio locations in the mountains or northern climates.


* Please note that any color representations shown on these pages is dependent on your monitor and/or screen settings on your device and the colors shown are as close to our actual product colors as possible. For actual color samples, please call or email us to request physical samples.