Solid Surface Acrylics, Inc.
Care and Maintenance

Solid Surface Acrylics table tops and sheet products are formulated from tough, stain resistant nonporous materials that are easy to clean, sanitary, and resistant to fading from exposure to intense sunlight. The material also handles multiple freeze thaw cycles encountered in outdoor locations in the mountains or northern climates.

General Cleaning
All table tops and fabricated sheet goods can be cleaned by using soap and water. Apply soap and water with a sponge or damp cloth, then towel dry to eliminate water spots.
All table tops and fabricated sheet goods are resistant to most household cleaners but should NOT be exposed to solvents such as paint remover, metal cleaner, oven cleaner, acetone, and nail polish remover, or to chemicals such as abrasive cleaners and drain cleaners.

Protecting the Surface
Do NOT expose the table tops to direct heat from burning materials or heating elements. Use insulating mats under any item too hot to carry with your bare hands to avoid damage to the table top surface.
You can protect the finish with acrylic polish such as Countertop Magic or furniture polish.

Deep Scratches, Burn Damage and Refurbishing
Deep scratches and burns should be repaired by a professional fabricator. The consistent through color of our molded table tops enables refinishing of damaged table tops for a like-new appearance.

Material Safety Data Sheet
Click here to download a MSDS sheet for our table top material. Fabricators working with our sheet products should follow industry standard safety procedures and use personal protective equipment to prevent inhalation of dust during cutting.



* Please note that any color representations shown on these pages is dependent on your monitor and/or screen settings on your device and the colors shown are as close to our actual product colors as possible. For actual color samples, please call or email us to request physical samples.